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Loss and Damage Claims

One of the areas most neglected when it comes to transportation is the processing of Loss and Damage Claims.

This time-consuming and complicated task is typically neglected or overlooked by companies. The result is that thousands of dollars are lost !

The Goodman-Reichwald-Dodge Loss and Damage Claim Program allows your company to outsource this entire process. We are responsible for the preparation, filing, tracking and recovery of all your loss and damage claims. 

In addition to saving your company valuable time, this program will help identify problem carriers, vendors, and problem packaging types.

We begin by reviewing the applicable documents, and then proceed with the filing of claims with your respective carriers. We then provide your company with a full listing of claims filed on your behalf. Since we strive for timely settlements, we trace all outstanding claims every 60 days. 

Claim settlement and service fees are handled in one of two ways:

Carrier is instructed to send all settlement checks directly to our company. Checks are then placed into our trust account. On the last working day of each month, a check is cut payable to your company, for your portion of the claims settled within that month. Each month, an activity summary is sent which contains the following: claim number, carrier check number, amount of settlement, and date of deposit. If a claim is canceled, reason for cancellation is provided.

Carrier is instructed to send all settlement checks to either our company or directly to you. A flat fee is charged for each claim generated. The fee is based on the amount of each claim, and fees are collected regardless of the outcome. Filing fee is invoiced on a pre-determined cycle, agreed to by all parties.

Each month an activity summary is sent outlining the status of each claim.

Although the Statute of Limitations for filing Loss and Damage claims is 9 months, we ask that our customers forward all applicable documents to our company as quickly as possible. This ensures the timely filing of claims, and accelerates the recovery of lost monies.