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Goodman-Reichwald-Dodge has the ability to provide our customers with a vast amount of transportation related data through our Data Entry and Information Processing Service.

Once a company's needs are identified, an action plan is implemented. Pre-determined data is then entered into our database by extracting information from your freight bills and / or bills of lading. This data is then available for analysis and interpretation in a variety of formats or customized reports, or is transmitted back to the customer for internal interpretation.

Some of the applications in which our customers have utilized this data are as follows:  

  • Assist with preparing and analyzing carrier bid packages.
  • Analyze shipments by mode (air, rail, truck, ocean, etc.).
  • Analyze internal shipping patterns.
  • Identify specific shipment lanes.
  • Identify carrier volume and lane.
  • Assist in selecting optimal distribution sites.
  • Comparison of current shipping activity versus previous year's activity.
  • Assemble data to satisfy corporate requirements.
  • Many other applications exist and can be customized to fit your needs.