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Freight Audit & Claims Process

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Detailed Freight Auditing & Report Process

GRD provides freight post audit services for any company worried about the accuracy of their freight payments. Even if you think that everything is on the up and up, it never hurts to let us take a second look. We don't charge anything upfront for our services, so you don't have to pay anything if your freight bills turn out spic and span. But if we do find errors, we'll get right on getting you reimbursed for every extra charge you paid.

The progress of every audit we perform is logged on a monthly listing for you to view. You can also see reports of all of your past claims via our online reporting tool. We either provide a hard-copy client report or an excel data report to summarize our monthly audit activity.

Check out our sample report to get a better understanding:

Sample Freight Audit Report


Please contact us for more information on our freight auditing services or about what freight auditing is.

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The Freight Audit Procedure:

The requirements to initiate either of our audit programs are quite simple and involve minimal work on your behalf.

Our Procedure:

  • Assemble and send freight bills, applicable payment information, and EDI or freight bill data files to Goodman-Reichwald-Dodge
  • Assemble and send all inbound, outbound, and third-party freight bills paid to your various mode carriers, which include truck, rail, air, ocean, or parcel carriers
  • Assemble and send all carrier contracts, tariffs, pricing items, rate sheets, mileage programs
  • Each bill is examined by a transportation mode specialist, and checked for various types of accounting and rate errors
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Freight Post Audit Claim Settlement

The professionals at Goodman-Reichwald-Dodge can take care of the freight claim settlement process for your company. We have a system to effectively and efficiently deliver your payments and report on the claim payments status.

Claim payments can be settled in the following ways:

A monthly claim activity report outlining all claim payments and the status of all other claims with activity. For more information on what a monthly claim report may look like, check out our sample freight audit report.