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TL Freight Audit and Payment

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Find Every Error in Your TL Invoices

TL Freight Auditing

We at Goodman-Reichwald-Dodge take pride in our ability to spot every error in every freight invoice, no matter how straightforward they may seem. Even the tiniest mistakes in a month’s worth of shipments can total up to hundreds or thousands in overspent fees. Until you enlist the help of professional auditors, you may never know just how much you’re actually losing from even the most mundane shipping transactions.

GRD is dedicated to saving you as much as possible from all your freight bills, and we have the experience to back it up. We’ve saved other companies as much as 20% off of their total shipment costs and continue saving them more through our logistics management system. We can find the lowest rates for any of your shipments and even audit prepaid shipments to save you more right from the start!

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What is TL Freight?

Full truckload (TL or FTL) freight allocates an entire truck for bulk shipment, either by weight or size. This option is for transporting large quantities of inventory or heavy objects like construction vehicles. Cargo with special needs, such as live animals or perishable items, require specific types of containers only available through TL shipping. This means that TL shipping can get fairly expensive since you’re enlisting the service of an entire vehicle.

TL shipping does have its perks - it’ll reach your destination much faster than an LTL shipment, there’s less of a chance of your goods getting lost/broken during loading/unloading, and payment is usually simpler to manage. There are several cases in which TL shipping is your only option due to the size or needs of your cargo, but it’s also a faster and less complicated method. No matter how simple your shipment is, GRD makes sure that you don’t pay a single cent over what you owe.

You should consider TL for shipments that:

  • Weigh over 15,000 pounds
  • Take up the majority of a truck bed
  • Are too wide for a standard truck bed
  • Have a tight deadline
  • Have special requirements such as temperature control or liquid transport

Maximize Return Payments on Freight Audits

Freight auditing may not seem like a worthwhile investment with low-cost or low-volume shipments, but you’d be surprised at the number of errors we find in the most unassuming shipment invoices. A few percentages may not mean a lot in the short term, but it could easily amount to hundreds or thousands at the end of the year. With how easy it is to start the claim settlement process, it’d be a shame to let that money go to waste!

Thankfully, GRD doesn’t charge anything upfront for our services. We only take a percentage of the money we reclaim for you, which comes after the auditing and claims management process. All you’ll ever have to do is send us your freight bills and other related documents and we’ll take care of the rest - yes, we get in touch with the shipping companies directly to get you your settlement payment as soon as possible.

Contact us today to get started on your freight bill settlement claim.

Hassle-Free Freight Claims Management

All you will ever have to do is send us your freight bills, invoices, and other related files, and we’ll take care of the rest. We can accept data directly from our clients, their carriers, and other auditing or logistics companies. And you don’t have to pay a dime upfront - we only charge a percentage of the money we collect for you!

The time restraint for overcharge claims for TL carriers is 180 days, so we encourage all of our clients to send all of their freight bills and related files on a monthly basis.

If you’re looking for the most efficient process for your shipment, our logistics specialists are here to help. We provide an array of logistics services to get you the lowest rates for any shipment.

GRD - Your Best Choice for Freight Auditing

Goodman-Reichwald-Dodge has been in the freight auditing business for over 70 years. We’ve helped several Fortune 500 companies stay on top of their freight costs and we can help you too, no matter the size of your company.

Our team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals is notorious for their attention to detail and their ability to find every error on freight bills. Even the smallest billing errors can add up over time, and you can count on us to find and resolve every one.

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