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Air Freight Audit and Payment

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The Best Air Freight Auditors in the Business

Air Freight Auditing

The freight auditors at Goodman-Reichwald-Dodge know their way around air freight. If you have the slightest notion that you’re paying more than what you owe, give us a call for a free consultation. At worst, we’ll confirm that you have accurately paid what you owe - but if not, we’re committed to getting you back every cent you overpaid. When it comes to air freight, a few extra percentages on each shipment can lead up to thousands of dollars every year. Our detailed auditing process ensures we don't miss a beat in identifying overcharges and getting you your settlement.

Even if you already have an in-house or other third-party freight auditor, it never hurts to get another lookover from the best in the business. We’ve saved other companies up to 20% off of their freight bills, and we can do the same for you, no matter the size of your operation. We also don’t charge anything upfront for our services - we merely take a cut of the money we get back for you!

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What is Air Freight?

Shipping by air usually comes with a wide selection of shipping options based on the desired delivery speed and type of plane. With how quickly planes can travel to their destination, air freight is usually the best option when time is of the essence. In certain situations, such as remote locations or international inland shipments, air freight may be the only option available.

You can expect to pay quite a bit more for shipping via air. Plane fuel is very expensive and the cost for processing packages at airports can quickly rack up your expenses. Heavier shipments are also subject to much higher rates than lighter packages, which may make the commitment to air freight a daunting task, especially if other shipment options are available.

You should consider air freight for shipments that:

  • Are too expensive or not possible via ground or ocean
  • Don’t contain hazardous chemicals
  • Have an extremely tight deadline
  • You can comfortably afford

Air Freight Claims Management and Payment

With how expensive and complicated air freight can get, it’s imperative to have well-seasoned freight auditors on your side. Charges can quickly add up when shipping across international borders, but the experts at GRD are guaranteed to catch every common mistake on your freight bill and get you your payment in a reasonable timeframe. We’ve seen just about everything in our 70+ years in the auditing business, and we want to lend you our expertise.

The best way to save on air freight is to avoid overspending on shipping in the first place. With our extensive logistics management system, we can find the cheapest and most efficient routes for each of your shipments. We can even pre-audit your shipments so you can rest easy knowing that you’re paying no more than what you owe.

Contact us today to get started on the claims management process as soon as possible!

Cut Down on Costs and Complications

All you will ever have to do is send us your freight bills, invoices, and other related files, and we’ll take care of the rest. We can accept data directly from our clients, their carriers, and other auditing or logistics companies. And you don’t have to pay a dime upfront - we only charge a percentage of the money we collect for you!

The time restraint for overcharge claims for air freight is 30-180 days, so we encourage all of our clients to send all of their freight bills and related files on a monthly basis.

If you’re looking for the most efficient process for your shipment, our logistics specialists are here to help. We provide an array of logistics services to get you the lowest rates for any shipment.

GRD - Your Best Choice for Freight Auditing

Goodman-Reichwald-Dodge has been in the freight auditing business for over 70 years. We’ve helped several Fortune 500 companies stay on top of their freight costs and we can help you too, no matter the size of your company.

Our team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals is notorious for their attention to detail and their ability to find every error on freight bills. Even the smallest billing errors can add up over time, and you can count on us to find and resolve every one.

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