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Freight Logistics Management

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Logistics Management Finds You the Best Route Every Time

In today's deregulated transportation environment, carrier rates and contracts are more complex and confusing than ever. Discounts and rate structures are changing, as are the rules and requirements placed on shippers and carriers. Overcharges, payment errors, and loss and damage claims often get ignored or overlooked.

Any business that is involved with shipping or receiving goods should take a long, hard look at their freight carriers and shipping practices.

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Types of Freight We Audit

Get in touch with us to learn more about what freight auditing is and our auditing and claims process.

Goodman-Reichwald-Dodge - A Logistics Company

Our “Logistics Specialists” will partner with you on logistical management. Serving a large, diverse client base, our experience and successful dealings with thousands of shipping solutions and transportation dilemmas, have saved our clients millions of dollars. We can do the same for your company.

What is Freight Logistics?

Freight logistics is defined as the movement of freight from the decision-making process until the product is delivered and the freight bill is paid. Goodman-Reichwald-Dodge provides freight logistics for companies across the US.

Our freight logistics services:

  • Assist and negotiate with mode carriers to obtain the best rates possible
  • Establish proper routings for your inbound, outbound, and third-party shipments
  • Recommend methods of transportation and consolidation of carriers to ensure the lowest rates and best values
  • Classify your products correctly for inclusion on your Bill of Lading, eliminating carrier overbilling upfront
  • Audit prepaid shipments added to your vendor and supplier invoices
  • Monitor vendor routing compliance and issue chargebacks if desired

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