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Freight Post Audit Services

Freight carriers, vendors, outside payment agencies, and even payable employees make errors in billing. A freight bill post audit encompasses the review and audit of all paid freight bills. This service is performed for clients who pay their own freight bills, those who employ third-party payment providers, a logistics provider or 3pl, or any other type of bill payment or bill processing service.

There is no fee for our service... we only charge a % of money we collect for you.

What this means is that your company recovers money that has already been spent, with no upfront cost to you!

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Freight Claims Management

Due to both government and individual carrier-imposed Statute of Limitations, the timely receipt of freight bills for audit, and the subsequent filing of overcharge claims is very important. The time restraints for the filing of overcharge claims by mode is as follows:

Air Freight, Ocean Freight, and Freight Forwarders:

30 - 180 days

LTL and Truckload Carriers:

180 days


18 months

Parcel and Small Pak Carriers:

15 days

As a result of the above limitations, we encourage all of our clients to send their freight bills, images, and data files for audit on a monthly, but no longer than a quarterly, basis.

External Freight Bill Audit Procedure

The requirements to initiate our audit programs are quite simple and involve minimal work on your behalf.

Our Procedure

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Freight Post Audit Claim Settlement

The professionals at Goodman-Reichwald-Dodge can take care of the freight claim settlement process for your company. We have a system to effectively and efficiently deliver your payments and report on the claim payments status.

Claim payments can be settled in the following ways:

A monthly claim activity report outlining all claim payments and the status of all other claims with activity. For more information on what a monthly claim report may look like, check out our sample freight audit report.