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The Goodman-Reichwald-Dodge freight bill Post Audit program is the most practical and inexpensive solution to recovering freight overcharges. This program involves the review and auditing of your freight bills after your company has paid your various freight carriers and transportation related vendors.

There is no fee for our service... only a percentage of the monies we collect. What this means is that your company recovers monies that have already been spent, with no upfront cost to you!

Due to both Government, and individual carrier imposed Statute of Limitations, the timely receipt of freight bills for audit, and the subsequent filing of overcharge claims, is very important. The time restraints for the filing of overcharge claims by mode is as follows:
30 to 180 days
180 days
18 months
15 days to ??

Airfreight / Ocean Freight / Freight Forwarders
LTL and Truckload Carriers
Parcel / Small Pak Carriers
As a result of the above limitations, we encourage all of our clients to send their freight bills, images, and datafiles for audit on a monthly, but no longer than a quarterly basis.

The requirements to initiate either of our audit programs are quite simple, and involve minimal work on your behalf. The procedures are as follows:

Assemble hardcopy freight bills, applicable payment information and files, and EDI or freight bill data files and forward to Goodman-Reichwald-Dodge.

Assemble all hardcopy inbound, outbound, and third party freight bills paid to your various mode carriers, which include truck, rail, air, ocean, or parcel carriers. Include applicable payment vouchers or payment files, or any other relevant accounting detail back up to assist in our audit.

As for EDI or softcopy freight bill files, we can work with you to transfer this information in a variety of formats. These include the standard raw EDI data sets, text files, excel, access, or a medium we can jointly agree upon. Much like with the hardcopy bills, any applicable payment information, vouchers, files, etc… are necessary to validate payment.

It is an absolute necessity for our company to receive all adjustment and payment information while performing an audit. Whether hardcopy or electronic, we can work together to get this data and information in a format that is acceptable to both of our companies.      

Gather and assemble all your carrier contracts, tariffs, pricing items, rate sheets, mileage programs, etc…. and send to Goodman-Reichwald-Dodge.

In order to perform a comprehensive and effective audit, we will need copies of all applicable carrier contracts, tariffs, pricing items, rate programs, rate sheets, etc…..We ask that each client copy and forward  all relevant and current pricing items to our attention. This would be applicable to any and all current documents, as well as any changes going forward.

We also encourage clients to prepare and send our company a general letter on your company letterhead detailing our relationship, and instructing carriers to release any applicable pricing items to us if needed.

Audit Performance 

Each bill is examined by a transportation mode specialist, and checked for various types of accounting and / or rate errors. Accounting Errors: Payment Terms (outbound collect, inbound prepaid, etc.) duplicate payments, C.O.D. charges/fees, currency exchanges, extension errors, and third party bills. Rate Errors: Review classification of outbound products / inbound materials, class exception, FAK or contract rates, discounts, commodity rates, proper mileages / rates, Import / Export charges, accessorial charges, over-dimension / special equipment charges, and application of carrier rules.

Claim Filing
Each overcharge is entered into our database with notations regarding cost adjustment. Claim for reimbursement is filed with the carrier, detailing the reason, and correct amount of the adjustment.

Client Reporting

Upon completion of an audit, and throughout the claim settlement cycle, a monthly listing is provided showing the status of all claims, whether recently filed, pending, cancelled, or settled. A number of other claim reports are also available and can be provided upon request.

In addition to the standard hardcopy reports, many similar reports are available via softcopy. Data files and other queries are also available. Goodman-Reichwald-Dodge also offers an online, web based claim reporting tool which allows the client to track all claims. This application is password protected, with user ID’s and log in access assigned. 


To ensure prompt carrier settlement, all outstanding claims are traced every 60 days. At the same time, a listing is provided to our customers showing all outstanding claims, and the web based claim query tool is available for 24 hour, 365 day a year access, from anywhere the internet can be accessed. An internal collection staff is constantly monitoring the status of all claims, and a variety of contact and collection methods and processes are utilized to insure the claims are addressed and settled in a timely manner.


For the majority of our clients, as each claim is paid, the carrier check is deposited into our trust account. On the last working day of each month, a check is cut payable to your company for your portion of the claims settled within that month. A monthly claim activity report outlining all claim payments as well as the status of all other claims is sent.

Other settlement options include;


  • Direct the carriers to send all checks in care of our company. The checks are then held, and at a given point in time, semi-monthly or monthly, they are forwarded to the client for deposit, along with an invoice reflecting our portion due for the paid claims.

  • Instruct the carriers to send all claim payments directly to our client. The client receives all claim payments, processes, deposits and documents them, and notifies our company of the paid claims. An invoice is then generated to recover our portion of said claims.

With all of the claim settlement programs listed, we can work together to find a settlement solution to satisfy your needs.